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Please direct all orders, questions and payments to Ms Liane Morrissette at: [email protected] or fill out the form below. Please take a moment to check the Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your question has already been answered there.

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We love feedback! Simply write FEEDBACK in the contact form above next to your name (written the way you'd like it to appear) and we'll get it listed on the site. Thank you!

Apr 12 2017 - My Cold Gold binaural set has been invaluable in my thesis work of recording birdsong in remote places. We have used them in places humans have never set foot before and we treasure them as gold. Pretty sure that's how they got the name! Thanks so much for all your help.

-Laurie D

Mar 17 2017 - Bought a CG binaural set for every member of our police unit. We use them on a daily basis to extend the sensitivity of our hearing to an amazing degree. Helps us to do our work. Congrats.

-B. Fulton

Mar 3 2017 - Just got my package in the mail, thanks Cold Gold! I'm taking them on my trip to the amazon rainforest and judging by the test results I'm going to get some great sounds to work with for my next album.


Feb 26 2017 - Purchased your balanced hydrophone for our documentary tv series and just wanted to say we are getting great results. Will send some samples soon. Couldn't be happier.

-Ulrich F

Feb 15 2017 - Love it love it love it! I got your products as a Christmas present and I've been playing with them non stop. I stick a contactmic on everything now and I'm asking for more for my birthday! Yay!


Dec 7 2016- We use our electronic stethoscope bought from in our midwifery business to allow mothers to be to hear their little ones in the womb. It has added such a special dimension to what we do and we are so appreciative.

-Jennifer M

Nov 29 2016 - Just received my order and VERY happy with the initial test results! Thank you Cold Gold!


Aug 2 2016 - I have used my Cold Gold contact mic in my beehive with great results. Hard to imagine what the girls are up to but now I can hear it for myself. Plan to take it to the woods to record insects under the bark of trees. Great!


Mar 22 2016 - I ordered a Buffered XLR mic and a Buffered XLR hydrophone for my trip to Antarctica. I'm glad I made the right choice with these mics. I was able to capture some unique sounds that I will be using in my research.

-John Laird

Jan 3 2016 - Using Cold Gold to capture cool foley for our latest production. We'll need to pick up one of each kind for next time. The shipping was fast and the order was packed with care. Thanks.


Oct 18 2015 - I'm amazed at the sounds coming out of my amplifier! Great job.


Aug 6 2015 - Just wanted to send a thank you from our university for the great package of recording equipment. Our students have been using them in the field and getting great results. We will be ordering again soon.

-S. Miller

Jun 21 2015 - Love my basic stereo hydrophone so much I'm ordering another one. Froze it in ice and made a recording, really cool!


Jun 15 2015 - We use our Cold Gold contact microphones to test auto parts and we'd be in trouble without them! Thanks for the great service.

-E. Taylor

May 5 2015 - Just what I was looking for! So happy with the sound quality of my hydrophone, used it to record some snapping shrimp and fish off the dock!

-R. Hoskins

Jan 28 2015 - I just wanted to encourage anyone wondering about the quality of Cold Gold products. My company uses their product to create our products. We have never had a returned product! That is because we work hard to build them right, and we are using a great product. All it takes is one unit to mess up your name and your profit. We keep the profit coming and the clients happy with Cold Gold. I am ordering again today.

-Mike Williams

Aug 4 2014 - Please visit my site to see what i have done with my new mics. i have some clean recordings but the ones with effects sound out of this world. i would recommend these mics.

-Gen. K.

Jan 7 2014 - We are using our new Cold Gold for our game audio. Love the complexity it delivers.


Nov 14 2013 - I have to say, I was really surprised at the sounds coming out of the basic mic! Who knew that my radiator could sound more interesting than music. Should I start a band with my radiator? ;)


Jul 21 2013 - Lovely design of the mic and good durability. Fast and good shipping.


Oct 25 2012 - I wasn't sure about what contact mike to order but made the choice to go with Cold Gold because my sound teacher uses them. Once I figured out how to attach it really good I am getting crazy sounds and I made the right choice.


Jun 13 2012 - So glad I ordered this mic but I already broke it being a maniac. Ordering another one now.


Jan 9 2012 - Just received my basic contact and buffered XLR hydrophone in the mail today and I can't stop playing with them! With correct placement and careful handling you can keep the extraneous noise to a minimum and record some amazing things! Excellent sound and very fast shipping, thanks so much.


Nov 14 2011 - I received the Factory-Shielded Piezo Film Tab Contact Microphone from you recently. I installed it below the bridge on a violin, using a wood wedge.

It seems to perform very well, sounds natural, and can be plugged into an ordinary guitar amplifier without additional pre-amp. So far it seems like a real winner.

Thanks very much.

-Stuart Isto

Sept 17 2011 - Just received two of your buffered pickups (one with alligator clip). The pickups are wonderful, high gain, extremely low noise and great sound. Thank you very much,


July 11 2011 - I received the contact microphone in 7 days. I tried it and the sound is wonderful. Low noise at high gain amplification. Alligator clip helps to put it in some instruments. Thanks a lot!


May 11 2011 - Very prompt response. I wanted to change my order right after I placed it because of some technical reasons. They refund the same day and processed my new order. The package arrived just on time! I am going to buy one more mic with them!! Very good!


Apr. 23 2011 - Just received the Mini Contact Stereo Set with Alligator Clips. Very nice and precise mics. Excellent quality and very fast shipping to Europe. Thank you.


Apr. 08 2011 - I just wanted to say that I received my (stereo condenser) hydrophone yesterday - promptly took it down to lake ontario, threw it in, and was instantly amazed. This thing is going to see a lot of use.

-M. Trommer

Apr. 04 2011 - Excellent frequency response & quality wiring. Captures ethereal and unearthly frequencies from dead storage devices and other analogue emitters of sounds long since departed. Recommended.


Apr. 03 2011 - Purchased a basic contact microphone and it works great. I use it taped to my throat when recording vocals alongside another tube condenser mic and it adds a really great sound. Will definitely be buying more.

-BF Rosberg

Mar. 28 2011 - hi liane, nice to see that you're still making mics and doing well. the contacts i bought from you years ago are still going strong! cheers,


Oct. 30 2010 - Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for sending me the contact mic I ordered so fast. And it sounds great too! :) So thanks and keep up the good work!


Oct. 12 2010 - I just used the Buffered XLR with the built-in preamp for a solo set. It delivers a remarkably rich acoustic range I ordinarily would not expect from the average Piezo mic. Thank you for the fine line of Cold Gold products. I will be ordering more!


Sept. 27 2010 - I've been using homemade contact mics in performance for years. If I had known what a leap in quality and endurance the cold gold mic would have been, I woulda jumped on that noise from the beginning. Worth the exorbitant overnight shipping cost I had to pay in my dire need. Liane was most cooperative and the transaction was accomplished gracefully. Most high recommendations. Totally fulfilling. Awesome product. This is where I go now for all noise-making needs.

-M.A. Zamani

April 30 2010 - Excellent quality product! I got my basic contact microphone in the mail promptly, and have taped it to the soundboard of my piano. I'm running it into my full stack bass amp and pedal board, and I love the range of tones I can get.

- Garrett

April 20 2010 - Great site and shipping! Great stuff for great sounds! So great Thanks!

- O. Hug

April 12 2010 - The quality of the recordings from these sweet doo dads is simply amazing!

I started a project earlier this year to better understand the underwater sound profiles of my fishing spinner components. This application was probably on the ragged edge of Liane's customer set, but it didn't matter and Liane's equipment worked great! I now know much more about how the wire, fishing blade types, glass, plastic and metal components react in concert with each other to let me make choices in spinner design.

I'm very happy with the recordings and they're an interesting and entertaining addition to my website!

Liane's help was extremely influential in a making this one of the best projects I've undertaken this year!

You've won a long term customer that I recommend and reference. Thanks Cold Gold and Best of Luck growing the business!

- John Delaney, Fish Creek Spinners

March 16 2010 - Big thanks for the stereo contact mics which arrived yesterday, I tested them last night and am very pleased with the quality. Cheers!

- Weave

March 15 2010 - I have been making musical instruments for over 20 years and have just discovered your wonderful company. My first order came promptly and the quality was great. I am now tripling my order. Thanks for the great service.

- S. Catania

Oct. 7 2009 - Hey Liane, Thanks for the order and again for your specific suggestions. The construction quality is excellent, and presentation is lovely. Thanks too for the custom jack connector!

- Anon.

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